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Who Is Bernice Burgos

Who is Bernice Burgos? Age, Net Worth, Body Statistics, Daughter, Relationship & Family

Just like the world of social media is highly vast and filled with different types of people such as marketers, actors, actresses, politicians, and many more, we also have models who are just like other people. they derive followers due to one thing or the other. particularly brand.

Here we will specifically talk about the renowned American Model, Bernice Burgos. Bernice is a United States Instagram model.

She is famous for her curvaceous figure, gorgeous appearance, and above all her experts in modeling acts. She is of American nationality, although she has a mixed nationality (Afri-American).

You can’t really mention Bernice without talking about her media handle. she is best known there, her fame grew when she started sharing her hot pictures on her Instagram page, little did she know she will blow this much, bit by bit she started having followers until her followers grew up to about 4.8 million recently. her followers are no longer limited to the United States alone but globally.

The renowned United States Model has starred in many blockbuster music videos for Rick Ross and J Cole, she gets featured in many of these videos due to her curvaceous figure and her stunning appearance.

Not to stop only in Video, she has starred in many TV shows such as the famous MTV show, Wild N Out, and many more. it might be surprising to know that she is one of the most discussed people on the news when talking about models. being such a skillful entrepreneur and fashion enthusiast. Bernice through her hard-working has managed to run her own sleepwear brand.

She also has many relationships affairs with celebrities and this also contributes immensely to her popularity.

Digging more into some of her non-sensitive private life as you might think, concerning her motherhood many people who might be hearing that for the first time always gets a very big shock perhaps you may be too. it is always strange and surprising whenever her motherhood discussion is on. she is a mother of an 18 years old Ashley Burgos.

People always find it very difficult to identify their difference when they are together due to their resemblance. it doesn’t just stop there Bernice has another beautiful daughter named, Amarie Burgos. the surprising thing there is the model looks so young and pretty, looking at her daughter it is even difficult to identify who is who. so many people wondered how she managed to maintain such a figure even at old age.

Bernice Burgos Summary

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Bernice Burgos Family

For a very beautiful and gorgeous model like Bernice Burgos, knowing fully about her only might not be enough for some people due to one reason or the other which may range from as a result of love or any forms of critic since it is usual. time without numbers, people have asked to know about the model’s parents and here we would explain in detail about them.

Who are Bernice Burgos’s Parents? this question has starred in the air for so long and has been up till this moment. Bernice has personally refused to disclose details of her family due to some reasons best known to her.
we are currently working and digging more to find some information regarding that and we would update you as soon as possible if we have gotten any.

Modeling Career

Bernice before she became famous in the modeling industry, has always been known to be a hard-working woman. she used to work as a waitress and bartender somewhere. to cut it short, Bernice has been featured on several men’s magazine’s covers. Just as early as 2000, she managed to star in a few music videos from prominent singers. she later starred in some of the videos which include Work Out, Ain’t Leaving Without You, Southern Hospitality, and Diced Pineapples.

What is Bernice Burgos Age?

The Gorgeous American Model, Bernice Burgos, was born on the 17th of April in the year 1980. she was born in the Bronx Area of New York City.

Bernice Burgos Summary

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she has an ancestry traced to be that of Puerto Rican. being born in New York City, she lives and spent her childhood there. also sometimes during her childhood days, she has lived in Connecticut and New Jersey.

Body statistics

Bernice according to her shape, her body resembles that of an athlete. she has a height of 1.7 with an average weight of about 54kg, she has a bra size of 34D with dark brown hair.

Bernice Burgos Relationship

Just like you would be thinking by now, Bernice is always a victim of an abused relationship. she has been spotted having affairs with many celebrities. in early 2012 she started dating Suge knight, a professional footballer, the relationship however ended a few months later.

Bernice has also dated the popular Canadian hip-hop singer and rapper, Drake. on several occasions, they have been spotted having a good time together at different places. unfortunately, Drake and Bernice went their separate ways in 2015.

In early 2016, Bernice and Clifford Joseph Harris a popular hip-hop singer started dating and both of them are still doing good with their relationship now.

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Bernice has faced a lot of difficulties in her life, she dropped out of school when she was 15 due to a sudden unwanted pregnancy. her first daughter, Ashley’s father who was 19 years by then was in prison when she was born. due to this difficulty, she was facing, she needed to quits school because she has run out of cash as a 15 years old mom.

What is Bernice Burgos Net Worth

Just like the way People are curios to know about the famous American Model, Bernice Burgos, interestingly they are also hell-bent on asking about her net worth. and luckily i would be providing the full details of financial her status.

Bernice Burgos as a well-known social media personality, basically Instagram, is also the owner of a sleepwear label called Bold and Beautiful.

It is indubitable that the American model is earning a huge amount of money from her two sources of income.
quite alright, her clothing business earns her a lot of money. According to our recent research, her net worth estimation is about $1.1 million and it is expected to grow as time goes on.

Talking about her annual take home, she also takes a huge handsome amount of money home, she is reportedly taking home about $50,000 per annum.

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Bernice Borgus social media

Knowing fully that the American model star is best known to be a media personality, then her huge number of followers should not be a new thing by now. Lately, she has over 4.8 million Instagram followers, more than 120k Facebook Followers. she also has about 116k followers on her official Twitter account. her media flowers increase all the time. she also appeared on YouTube videos.

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