All you need to know about Bunchie Young

Bunchie Young, The Young Footballer

Everything we know about Bunchie Young.

Bunchie Young

Bunchie Young Page;

Speaking of the upcoming young kids in athletics that are already outstanding at a very young age encompasses many, but some do say not all are perfectly extraordinary when it comes to showing off there skills and abilities. Here comes one of the fastest kid and super football player “Bunchie Young”, the boy earned the sports kid of the year award in 2017 with many gold medals. Read his full Biography and enjoy.

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Who Is Bunchie Young?

Bunchie Young
The Young American Footballer With His Father “Dave”

Bunchie Young is an American football player who was born Maxwell Young in Los Angeles, California on the 9th of December 2006, he was 14 years old as of 2020.

Maxwell was born into the family of Dave and Laura DeShazor-Dunn. His father, Dave literally added great impact on Young’s life after noticing his extraordinary skills at his age of three, his father (Dave) saw him running down the driveway with super speed which left him speechless and shocked.

His mother, Laura DeShazor-Dunn is quite a lovely mother to her children, although, Bunchie is living with his dad for the sake of his career due to his parents’ separation.

Nonetheless, his mother does pick him up from school and help him with his homework during her lunch hour break every day, these give Maxwell less concern about the separation of his parents as he does see both of his parents on a daily basis.

Bunchie has a younger sister named Maxine. Maxine sometimes hangs out with his brother during his training sections and games.
Bunchie Young is a Christian, he attends KIPP Scholar Academy, the public charter school in Los Angeles.

His Career

Bunchie Young

While Bunchie attends KIPP Scholar Academy in South Los Angeles, he kicked start his career by joining his school in competing with different football clubs in different football organizations including Hub City Tar Heels Youth Football organization.

His father took him out to a team when he was three years old where he started training harder and harder. his presence in the team makes his team progress greatly.

Bunchie was taken to Norwalk California gym, where he specially trains under Mike Evans every day of the week to improve his ability, agility, strength, stance and more to enhance his performances, his trainer ‘Evans’ loves to see him train with his fantabulous skills, Evan says “it’s easy to project a young player’s talent based on players I knew. “Growing up seeing [Oregon and Kansas City Chiefs star] De’Anthony Thomas, he has always been a special athlete who is willing to learn and improve”.

Young also trains with Jonathan Ligons who happens to be his speed coach. He split his time between tracks and American football career which is one of his great passion.

Bunchie’s father wants him to quit prodigy, he says “Bunchie need space because my concern is my son’s health, period. What am not gonna do is have him on the team to where he gets hurt so he comes in the high school with a disabling injury, I am not gonna risk that”.

Maxwell was sad about his dad’s decision, he said he doesn’t wanna be a quitter and he also doesn’t wanna get hurt.

After discharging unbelievable performances in Norwalk California with his team, Bunchie’s father took him to his friend “Eugene ‘Big U” who happens to be Crenshaw head coach to join his new team.

Apart from being a super football player, he is also a good runner on tracks with his speed, he is categorized among the fastest kid around the globe. Running on a track, he set his best 100 meters record in 12.4 seconds.

In 2017, he was awarded the sports kid of the year and was on the cover of sports illustrated kids. He has also won several gold medals at such a young age.

Bunchie announced he wanna make it to the NFL, wanna be a broadcaster and he also wanna own a football team. He definitely has an opportunity most of the kids don’t have and he is already ahead of the game. He is determined to focus and see himself as the youngest ever to make it to the Olympics, being in the NFL and starting his professional career.

Bunchie has already been offered a full athletic scholarship from Illinois State University situated in the United States and more.

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Bunchie Young’s Net Worth

Over the years of Bunchie Young football and racing Career, he has claimed fame with massive earnings. As of the year 2020, the estimated Net worth of Bunchie is over $200 thousand which is basically derived from his football and racing career.

Bunchie Young will surely make more in years to come, hopefully, if he doesn’t get hooked from his profession.

Body Statistics

Height: 5’0″

Weight: 80lbs

Hair Color: Switches from Red to Brown to Purple

Eye Color: Black

Gender: Male

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