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Evnika Saadvakass, The Kazakhstan Boxer

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Evnika Saadvakass, The Young Brutal Boxer

Could you ever believe that kids of a very young age can deliver extraordinarily what matured people can or can’t even do? In the world of science and technology, music, acting, modeling, most especially sports and many more not illustrated. In the world of boxing, categorized under sports.

We have a very young female boxer who is breaking the record of boxing and being the youngest female boxer to deliver 358 punches within half a minute which is very rear in our lifetime. She is becoming more famous, gaining more popularity and experiences over the few years of her boxing career. If you think boxing isn’t for girls, try explaining this after reading this article.

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Who Is Evnika Saadvakass [Background, Bio & Wiki]?

Evnika During One Of Her Training Times

Evnika Saadvakass is a 12-year-old boxer who was born in Kazakhstan, in the lineage of Rustam Saadvakass [father] and Ania Saadvakass [mother]. Her family are all athletes, her father was a former boxer and her sister trains using the same methodology as her younger sister Evnika and became a bronze medalist at the world Kong-fu championship at 15 years of age, fighting against adults.

Evnika got interested in boxing while watching her brother and sister training, she was following their footsteps by copying them which made her father start training with her after realizing her interest in it. She has 5 siblings named Hatshepsut Adelaida, Selyavira, Rush, and Ainzha. 

At the age of 5, Saadvakass started Training with her father who developed his Training methodologies which are completely aspiring but omitted, it doesn’t seem to bother her at all as it was completely surprising as she attacks With incredible speed for her age, developing phenomenal Reflexes.

Saadvakass family trains 5 days a week –once in the morning and once in the evening. Evnika believes that no one in the entire world is like her in speed so she prefers to compete With herself, Timing her Punches. Meanwhile, her dad doesn’t allow her to box against her brothers and all her sisters because her hands are really tough that she could brake a burn.

she was found mostly boxing and tearing woods apart in the forests sometimes with her bare hands.


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Evnika has been going to different TV shows and interviews, showing off her incredible boxing skills. On Little Big Shots Australia TV show, she delivered 298 punches in just 30 seconds. She attacked and shattered a door with her blows.  

Saadvakass broke her record on Little Big Shots U.K by delivering 358 blows in Half a minute which is one and a half times more than the previous result of her punches delivered on Little Big Shots Australia TV show.


She continues practicing Because she is very sure that Success is regular training, however, In addition to boxing She loves some other hobbies, she loves to dance regularly after her training With her brothers and sisters.

Regarding her education, the young female boxer hasn’t opened up her educational status likewise her parent full details with her siblings.

Net Worth.

Speaking of her net worth, Evnika Saadvakass’s net worth hasn’t been revealed up to date meanwhile, she would have been earing some amounts from shows and her social media. as soon as her net worth is been publicized, updates will be made on Celebidentity.

Is Evnika Saadvakass Dating Anyone?

Regarding her personal life, Evnika is certainly focused on her boxing career with the believes that she could do better and get more experience in years to come. presently, she is dating no one as she is too young to be involved in anything called relationship.

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