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H20 Delirious Biography

Who Is H20 Delirious?

The Famous American YouTuber, H2O Delirious was born on the 2nd of May in the year 1987. his place of birth is Charlotte, North Carolina, United States.

he is an American nationality, although his ethnicity is not known for now. just like many other celebrities, Delirious is also secretive about his family background.
he is always keen on acting in horror movies and therefore he is very famous for the Jason mask which he wears almost all the time. he also has a very unique laughter in his horror movies.

The most skeptical thing about this celebrity is that his face is forever covered. we are very certain that no one has ever seen or know him before. although it was gathered that an American YouTuber whose name is Cartoonz when he was dating his sister for about eight years knows him and also knows what his face looks like according to the source, he has seen his face during the time he was in a relationship with his sister.

One of the things that makes him so famous is his serial killer personality which he displays in the videos that he uploads. all efforts put to gather some information about his parents or sisters we’re proven abortive. his family background and every other thing about them such as where they live, what they do, how they are right now, and many other things which are necessary to be known about them are not disclosed.

being always on a mask, we couldn’t even get any clue concerning his education, where he does his primary education and high school are not known. we are pushing forward towards getting some clue, and we urge you to be following up, we would update you as soon as possible if we have any information concerning that.

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H20 Delirious Career

H20 Delirious with his mask on his face

Currently H20 Delirious has over 2 billion views on his YouTube channel.
Delirious is an expert gamer, his first Gamer tag on his YouTube channel Was the popular EXP I. little wonder why he is so popular right? hope your doubts are cleared?

One of the very best which helped him with the blockbuster is the game named, ‘Among the Sleep’ this particular game helped him to gain highly vast popularity at his feast. the video becomes more popular when it started gaining a lot of recommendations on his channel. the video did not just make him famous, it was reported that the video raised his viewers by 12.6 million views while the video also raised his channel subscribers which have reached over 11.4 million. this is in correlation with the update we have on January 2019 he also has over 1,680 uploads as per the time of writing this.

It is important to note that H2O Delirious is just one of the best model game players. he is not the only one, perhaps he has people ahead of him just as we have the likes of BasicallyIDoWrk, VanossGaming, and  Daithi De Noglawere. these first three are always at the top while Delirious stays at the number four. being fourth does not make him less important Delirious is more popular than the rest of his counterparts.

H2O Delirious Age & Face?

H20 Delirious Face

If you have ever had ever wondered what the age of the forever masked Gamer, Delirious’s Age is, then feel relieved and stroll down.

H2O Delirious is a very secretive person, his profiles such as his family background, parents, siblings and many other important things about his family are unknown. Although it was revealed that his real name is Jonathan and he was born on the 2nd of May in the year 1987, in North Carolina United States.

He has lived in Hampton, Virginia for a few years before he moved back to North Carolina, where he currently lives.

Some Of His Games

Just like it is important to highlight some of his short details, it is also much more important to introduce you to some of his work done in his career.

H20 Delirious just like many others are always fond of keeping people together, he would mobilize some of his friends and fans where they play games together.

Below are Some of the games the renowned American gamer had played, Isolation, Dead Dozen, Riptide, Ark Survival Assassin’s Creed Collection, Mirage, Arcane Warfare, Naruto Shippūden, Origins, Batman, Arkham Knight, Battle Block, Theater, Call of Duty, WW2, Evolved, Ultimate Ninja Storm, death human, Fall Flat Garden, Chicken Invaders, Deceit, Far Cry Primal, Fibbage, Home Sweet Home, Alien Dead Island, Hunt Showdown, Lakeview Cabin, BATTLESHIP, Call of Duty, Minecraft, Black Ops, Revolution and many more of his games which I can’t mention here. he has managed to pull this because he is a game freak.

H20 Delirious does not only stay alone he had also collaborated with many of his YouTube colleagues such as BasicallyIDoWrk, CaptainSparklez, I Am WildCat, AnthonyKongphan, CrReaM, RegimeK, Jacksepticye, CaRtOoNz, GassyMexican, BigJigglyPanda, and many more YouTube gamers all over the country.

H2O Delirious Net Worth?

The famous YouTuber's animated character

It is no longer a piece of news with the rates at which people are curious to know about celebrities’ net worth, knowing about whom someone is without knowing some of these important things about them does not make sense at times. if you are curious to know about the famous American YouTuber, H20 Delirious net worth, then you are in the right place. his full details on his financial setup would be discussed below.

It is believed that as an ardent and hard-working YouTuber, H20 Delirious is making a lot of money. as per the last report, H2O Delirious has a net worth of about $2.5 million.

H20 Delirious made this huge amount of money from his YouTube Channel subscribers and horror videos which he always posts online.

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