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Just as the world is changing and the sets of old and obsolete stuff are left for fresh ones, old actors aren’t also left out too. this is clearly seen from the way we regard them these days, although the titles and the importance of those legends are not downgraded, their shining days are going to an extinct due to the emergence of young fresh, and skillful artist with up to date trends.

One of the young artist with such an outstanding performance you can’t imagine of is Isaak Presley, he has proven to be useful in the film industry and there is no doubt he is going to make it as big as time permits because of his performance at his youthful age, considering many greater years ahead for him to excel.

He is able to mentor so many young ambitious and potential artist, he is also a breaker of the silly misconceptions that age is a barrier for someone’s success, especially the one of this kind.

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Who is Isaak Presley and what is his career?

Presley is an American actor who was born on the 16th of June in the year 2002.

As a young actor, he has been working hard towards becoming a successful one and luckily he became fully famous through the role he played as Ethan Diaz in the Disney Channel series, also he played the role of Jack in a History of Radness, Mittendrin, and No Escape.

Isaak Presley during his childhood was able to make a name for himself even before becoming an actor when he first released a short movie which is about horse riding on YouTube named Cowboys are real Men. the videos got a lot of views and trends for some time.

The growing American actor, Isaak Presley is known to be an expert in riding, he was reported to have started riding since he was at the age of four. he has won tons of medals in competitions including golds and silvers during his riding days.

Isaak Presley having fun on the beach

He however forgone riding and venture into acting. after Presley left riding, at the age of nine he began his acting career as an actor. he first appeared in the film, “Brooklyn Brothers Beat the Best”

Presley has since 2016 in the Disney channel series played the role of Ethan Diaz, No escape and Right in the middle.

During his little time of career, Presley has acted alongside Paul Rudd in the prequel TV series to the cult comedy Wet Hot American Summer.

Isaak Presley Filmography

As a growing actor, much is not known of him but he appeared in so many films and TV series severally. he has performed different roles in many of them, the most prominent one among them is the Disney channel series where he played the role of Ethan Diaz. since then his fame has grown largely in the film industry.

Some of his films and TV series where he appeared and the respective years with the numbers, episodes, and other categories are listed below, this is not all but some we can mention for now.

Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn (TV series, episode 2×21) 2016

OMG! (TV series, 3 episodes) 2016-2020: Fuller house (TV series about 8 episodes) 2015

Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp (TV series, completely contains 7 episodes) 2015

Just Jacques (TV series, about 3 episodes) 2015

A short film named “killer of Men” 2015

A History of Radness (TV movie) 2015

Austin and Ally (TV series, just two episodes) 2015

Pro Wrestling Family (short film) 2014

Instant Mom (TV Series episode 2×08) 2014

The advocate (TV movie)

The Ghost Girls (TV series episode 1×08) 2013

The New Normal (TV series, about 3 episodes) 2012

Brooklyn Brothers Beat the Best

Just like any ambiguous person, Presley is still struggling with his career and he has not won any award yet, he also had no valuable net worth, for now, not to mention some of his details which is not revealed here, they’re much about his personal life which is yet to be discussed because it is not known to the public except for the few we have mentioned.

Celeb Identity will take the responsibility of keeping you up to date immediately as soon as any of his details are released.


Isaak Presley dressing in black

The young American actor, Isaak Presley was born in the year 2002 on the 6th of June, he was brought up in Los Angeles, the United States where his parents live. he is currently 18 years of age and he will be celebrating his next birthday on June 6th, 2021

Who is Mackenzie Ziegler, Isaak Presley’s Ex-girlfriend?

Just as in many cases where most of the artist has indulged in so many unfortunate relationships before, Isaak Presley isn’t exempted. In 2019, actor Isaak Presley started a relationship with a famous American artist to a person of Mackenzie Ziegler.

It was so unfortunate that the couple went their separate parts respectively in 2020 as reported. below I will give some insights about Presley’s Ex love.

Mackenzie Ziegler’s biography.

She was born into the family of Kurt Ziegler who is her father and Melissa Gisoni who happens to be her mother, both families cherish her and gave some supportive hands before she was able to scale through so many competitions during her career as a child.

Mackenzie has three siblings namely, Ryan Kurt Ziegler, Tyler Ziegler, and Madison Kurt Ziegler in which they were all brought up together.

Mackenzie Ziegler is a dancer, she is specialized in acrobatics and jazz dance. she became famous during her performance in the Lifetime Dance Moms at her early age. of all the groups of participants, she was the youngest dancer among them probably she was 7 years of age then, she earned a national title for her performance during the season two final of the Dance Moms competition.

Mackenzie released her album, Mack Z in 2014. she also has about 15 million Instagram followers at the time of writing this.

In a quest to pursue her career she has associated with so many people. she made her first acting performance in 2015 on the Nickelodeon series, Ricky, Nickey, Dicky, and Dawn.

Also, she competed in Guess their Age challenge with Emily Skinner around 2019, the video which received Millions of views.

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