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Lexxi Foxx

Lexxi Foxx Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Gay?


Lexxi Foxx is a popular heavy metal parody band member named Steel Panther. He is also a steady bass player for the exclusive heavy metal band panther steel. Foxx becomes famous and popular through his hit songs including Death to All But Metal, and Fat Girl among many others.

Lexxi Foxx Summary

Real nameTravis Haley
Date of birth14th July 1984
Home townCalifornia
ProfessionMusical Artist

Lexxi Fox Bio, Age & Background

Travis Haley, A.k.a Lexxi Foxx was brought to the world on the 14th of July, 1984. He was given birth and originated from Los Angeles, California, United States.

Lexxi has been a stylish diva when performing on stage, been totally different in appearance, and also looking completely different when putting on his wig and a touch of makeup. The majority of Lexxi’s fans were less opportuned to witness him when performing live on stage without putting on his wig. Besides, Foxx gives valuable and worthy tips on hair and makeup to the bandmates and fans. When performing he’s mostly seen on makeup, blond wing, and lip gloss.

Steel Panther Band

Lexxi Foxx

The four-member band, steel panther started there career being just a cover band in the 2000s, they gained recognition and popularity across different countries under the name metal shop. the members of this band include:

  • Singer Michael Starr
  • Bassist Lexxi Foxx
  • Guitarist satchel.

In the 2000s steel panther would perform at viper room and club in California, and later, they premiere their own produced album, Hole patrol. which was later reproduce after the band entirely changed its name to “metal skool. And afterward, The glam metal band later swap their name in the year 2008 to steel panther.

The metal band has been on track for over a decade with over five good records, two DVDs, and a hit among others. They have disbursed out shows in different states, and now they moved into the Guitar pedal business

In December 2011, Def Leppard invited the popular Steel Panther band to be a special guest of the coheadliners motley Crue, this was apparently because of the massive recognition the band has gained within a short period. Promptly one week after putting an end to the UK arena tour in London, steel panther starting up the Guns N’ Roses in Los Angeles, exactly December 21, 2011.

Their second Album kicked out was received perfectly well, while it resulted to being asked to perform on the main stage at the Download festival in the year 2012 June before 100,000 people and they were accompanied on stage by Corey Taylor of Slipknot, been asked to play death to All but metal. Their third album, all you can eat” lead to a great tour in 2014 in Europe and was given a tag called spreading the disease.

Bond and connection holding the members of the band are surely strong and unbreakable. Because they have been together for twenty years now, they have no breakup rumors or records. This band also generate revenue from the selling of merchandises, hoodies sells for $45, while the men and also ladies shirt cost $30.

Is Lexxi Fox A Gay?

Lexxi Fox

Fans have been kept in suspense if their best steel panther member is gay or not, cause of his appearance. Lexxi Foxx, stating that his most favorite and cherish colors are purple, pink, and proved he is not gay. According to an interview, Lexxi Foxx stating: people think I’m gay mainly because of my hair, the amount and quality of makeup I wear, and how I dress. There’s nothing bad about being gay but am not one” and Foxx stating also that he has a friend who is gay.

Lexxi Foxx Social Media Lifestyle

Lexxi Foxx stating his low interest in social media. “All this technology and social media stuff, it’s way far from my head. I have a Twitter account, but I hardly ever go on that. I don’t have a working Instagram account. The band will create things like that, but I am not a social media addict Guy. I have never gone into things like that. I wish I still possess a rotary phone. I could not even perfectly operate this damn smartphone. Of course, I’m not even too smart myself.

His Twitter Account

Steel Panther bassist Lexxi Foxx never gives shit about what his bass tune sounds like when performing on a show. It’s all about involving the chicks, cocaine, makeup, and also sharing personal stories that can inspire one’s mind on stage, like the play titled the “Glory hole” also comes to mind.

“I don’t care how my bass sounds like, “Foxx said. What the sound creates on the outside, that matters”. Anyone that has a love for 80s metal, or just enjoying a pleasant time, will difficulty find a better party. “The 80s was such a remarkable time. It’s a lifestyle that people don’t really know about.

Lexxi Foxx is one of the four popular metal gods who created out the steel pattern, a musical band that is not only just reliving the exciting heydays of 80s glam metal with their sexually charged lyrics, tight pants, makeup, and wigs.

“I think a lot of kids are getting off”, says Foxx. The planet will need heavy metal back again.

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