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Mikey Williams

Mikey Williams Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth & Girlfriend.

Mikey Williams Page;

Mikey Williams

What if I tell you sports is the number one of the most interesting activities, participated and enjoyed all over the world for decades up to this very moment, speaking of which requires fitness, stamina, balance, speed, power, flexibility, agility and more. These are required in all sports but mostly in soccer, basketball, ice hockey, volleyball, tennis, wrestling, boxing, table tennis, and many more not mentioned.

The senses of shooting, rebounding, passing, dribbling, blocking, and stealing are all needed in basketball, which we have some young athletes carrying out these skills perfectly every day. among the best young basketball players is Mikey Williams, a basketball player who is set to be FUTURE #1 NBA Draft Pick.

In this article, Mikey Williams’s biography, age, parents, basketball career, net worth, and girlfriend will be revealed.

Mikey Williams Summary

Birth NameMichel George Williams
Birth PlaceSan Diego, California
Birth DateJune 26, 2004
EducationSan Ysidro High School
ParentsMahlon Williams (father)
Charisse Williams (mother)
Siblings2 siblings

Who Is Mikey Williams?


Mikey Williams is an American based basketballer who was born Michel George Williams in San Diego, California, the United States of America on the 26th of June 2004. He was 15 years of age as of 2019.

Mikey Williams Next Birthday;

Mikey was born in the lineage of the Williams. His father “Mahlon Williams” was once a basketballer, which stroked Mikey’s passion for basketballing at his very young age, his father attended Sweetwater high school, he had a bright future ahead of him, he was rated top two in the states of California and had offers from across the country but got mixed up in gang culture and got locked up for ten months which got him hooked in his basketball career and became just a mere dream. His mother “Charisse Williams” went to California for the Interscholastic Federation Softball championship in 2019 and also attended Hampton University. Mikey is fully supported by both of his parents.

He has a little brother and a little sister meanwhile, more information hasn’t been revealed about his siblings. They lived in an apartment complex with an outdoor basketball court where he started spending his free time. Mikey attendsΒ San Ysidro High SchoolΒ inΒ San Diego.

Basketball Career.

Mikey Williams

Mikey was already around basketball since he was born, he started dribbling when he was six months old, where his mom found out the little boy’s excitement and actually taught him how to shoot and how to dribble. He started playing at his local YMCA when he was 3 years to 4 years old, his mum also trained him during his fifth grade. During his elementary school years, Mikey began showcasing his talents fearlessly at school. Although, he was getting into fights for kids who are getting bullied from the older kids almost every time.
When his dad also sensed his passion for tennis at 10 years of age, he started to shift his focus towards mentoring his son, spending one on one time with him to keep and make sure he stays focus. Mikey gyms during his holidays and furthermore want to gym in the night at times.

In short of time, Mikey progressed by practicing dunks, growing up on like 8-foot rim and learned how to start dunking. His very first dunk was fifth-grade summer. Nevertheless, Williams’s favorite dunks are East Bay and Windmill which he does often.


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At his age of 13, Mikey was showing incredible skills in all aspects of basketball but it was uncommon for him to dunk while playing. he kicked off his career by playing in a team called Malcolm Thomas all-star which is one of the nation’s best teams. thereafter was ranked number one player in the 7th and 8th grade Boy’s Class of 2023 top 50.
Mikey then started getting offers around the U.S. playing against other nationally ranked players such as LeBron James jr, offers from colleges including a pair from Arizona and Arizona State. he also joined the Amature Athletic union where he was in the team with the goat son.
Naturally, Mikey has been receiving a lot of praise from many NBA stars including LeBron.
On November 20, Mikey scored 41 points in his high school debut, followed by 50 points a few days later and also put up 77 points which broke the record point by a Califonia freshman.
aside from basketball, Williams is an avid collector of shoes, he also likes to fish, heΒ catches fun fishing with his father once or twice a month.
After involving himself in basketball, he said he would be playing football which he believes he’s naturally more gifted with more talents. He later became a victim of an accident while playing, which served him a severe injury and hooked his dream of becoming a footballer.

Mikey Williams stayed focused and didn’t get distracted by any means, he is one of the top recruits for the NBA class of 2023.

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Mikey Williams Net Worth.


Over the years of his basketball career, Mikey has amassed great fortunes alongside fame, which has deposited huge amounts of money into his bank account. As of the year 2020, Williams’s total estimated net worth is within $500 thousand to $1 Million. his net worth is mostly derived from his basketball career and from being an avid shoe collector. His net worth will surely increase if he doesn’t relent in his basketball career.


The handsome American basketball player, Mikey is presently dating Serenity Johnson, meanwhile, a lot of girls will be having feelings for him.

Mikey Williams

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