Ruby O. Fee, Everything you need to know about the actress

Ruby O. Fee


Ruby O. Fee is an American actress who played Sophie Kellermann in the 2010 television drama Allein Gegen die Zeit. She’s starred in several well-known television shows.

Ruby O. Fee Biography

Ruby O. Fee

Ruby O. Fee The Costa Rican multi-talented personality was born on 7th February 1996 in  Costa Rica, America.  She is generally recognized for her best roles in several TV series, in 2017 she acted in an Invisible show, others are; Polar in 2019 as well as Als Wir träumten in 2015, apart from these roles, she is also a songwriter, singer.

These performances brought her to the notice of the media and gained her worldwide acclaim. She is not only talented but also attractive. Her extreme attractiveness drew the attention of a lot of people. Her fans would sometimes jokingly ask her out, and she would respond with wonderful smiles.

Ruby O. Fee age

The celebrity was born on 7th February 1996 making her 25-years-old as of February 7, 2021. Ruby was born in her hometown, San José, Costa Rica where she was raised and educated by her parents, though her parents were not common on social media they were so nice to their daughter, they joined hands together to pursue her career, and today she’s successful in her career.

Ruby O. Fee Look in Polar

Ruby O. Fee

In 2010, Ruby attempted to make her early performance in the English Film Womb which she performed amazingly, she has also acted with a French celebrity actress named Eva Green, also, she works with a famous English actor known as Matt Smith. Her name is  Moonstone Camilla Willow Fee, but she is popularly recognized as Ruby O. Fee.

According to what some online sources have said about her, Her mother was born and brought up in Germany, she speaks French in addition to her custom language. On her father’s side, information about her father’s biography and personal life is yet to be known.

Ruby O. Fee Achievements

Ruby is one of the best female actors in America and she has achieved a lot, she has received countless awards since the beginning of her career. In 2014 she won a big award known as Jupiter, an award which was offered to her as a Best German TV series actress, she also received this award due to the outstanding role she played in Tatort: Sarah, Happy Birthday a movie produced in Early December 2013.

Ruby O. Fee Marital Status

It is confirmed that the famous actress is still single, though we don’t know more about her relationship status as she tends to keep them indoors. A few years ago, we heard that Ruby was dating Joaquin, a celebrity, though their relationship didn’t last long as they had a little misunderstanding which led to their separation.

Currently, she is living a single life with her family in the United States. We don’t know the circumstances behind such a beautiful lady being single, maybe she chose to live a lonely life at this moment. Though it might be possible that her next move is being in a relationship so stay tuned.

Her Education & Favorite Things

She started her early education in one of the famous private high schools situated in her village. However, we haven’t heard any information about the college or university she furthered her education too, but she is a graduate. Her favorite games were swimming, football and Artistic. During her college life, she used to participate in sports games, especially swimming.

Ruby O. Fee Daily habits

She goes to work at exactly 9:00 AM and returns at 2:00 PM on the dot. Also, she works out at 9:00 PM.

The time she likes traveling most is 6:00 PM. The time she normally takes her Breakfast is 8:00 AM, while her lunch and Dinner are around 1:00 PM and 10:00 PM respectively.

She became more interested in being an actress as time went on, and she worked hard to achieve her dream. Ruby is also a charitable and dutiful young lady who was raised with wisdom and values. We’re still gathering information about her parents, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we have it.

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Ruby’s Career, Education & Family

As someone who has much interest in acting, the well-known American celebrity started her early career as an actress and she acted her first film in the year 2010 in the English Film Womb, in this same year, she also performed incredibly in Womb and 13 Hours: Race. She has acted in several American movies such as Bibi and Tina 1 in 2014, Gespensterjäger– Auf eisiger Spur in 2015, and she was also featured in the recent 2020 movie named Asphalt Burning.

In addition to that, she has also played incredible roles in other English films. After she achieved her goal in the Film industry, she decided to become popular on social media sites, she joined Facebook in 2011 and she currently has over 22,000 followers. She also has many more followers on other social media, for instance, over 206,000 people are following her on Instagram.

The well-known American personality has decided not to review information about her parents on social media, perhaps she wants to keep her parents secret from the internet spotlight. So we can’t legally give you any information about her parents yet.

She went for her early studies at a famous private secondary school, after this, she furthered her education to another public high college where she obtained her grade 12th. After completing her secondary level education, in 2006, she went to a Public University in the United States to obtain her degree.

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Ruby’s Height and Weight

With no doubt, she is a very beautiful and attractive woman with brown-colored eyes. The height of the young actress is 5 feet 3 inches which applies to 164cm. Her weight so far is around 55kg which is equivalent to 123 Ibs.

Ruby O. Fee net worth

Ruby O. Fee

Ruby O. Fee is an American upcoming artist and a dedicated celebrity who’s famous for a specific role she played in a TV series where she became popularly known and she earns most of her money from this acting career.

As of 2021, it was noted that Ruby’s net worth is $500k, she earns most of her money from acting and she’s also an estate investor.

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