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Have you ever came across the world’s strongest kid “Ryusei Imai” who is regarded as the Kid Bruce Lee? If yes then who is he, where is he from, who are his parents, what does he do being regarded as the Kid Bruce Lee. All this questions will be answered right on this page, so sit back and enjoy the moment.

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Who Is Ryusei Imai?

Who is Ryusei Imai

Ryuji who is popularly known as Ryusei Imai is a YouTuber, martial art master, and gymnast who was born Ryuji Imai in Nara, Japan on the 16th of 2010. He is 10 years old as of the year 2020.

Ryusei was born under the lineage of the Imai’s. His father whose identity is yet unknown to the media supported him after noticing his passion for martial arts, he started following the martial arts ways when he was just a young boy, apparently a toddler. his father supports him in all ramifications to see his little boy become great. Imai’s mother who is also unknown to the media also supports her child in every way he needed to fulfill his dreams. Although the names of both his parents remain unknown, as soon as Ryusei’s parents are identified, Celebidentity will update. Imai attends an Elementary School, around the area he lives with his parents.

Presently, more information about Ryusei’s background hasn’t been revealed which will soon be in short of time.


Ryusei Imai Biography

Kick-starting his career, Imai is a great fan of the martial arts legend “Bruce Lee”, he usually watches Bruce Lee’s movies form a very tender age, he got more interested in the legend’s career and martial arts styles and then decided to follow the part of the great legend. he began imitating Bruce Lee’s martial arts scenes from his different movies at the age of 4. when he clocked 5, he became a master of the nunchaku scene from “Game of Death” and could perfectly perform the scene himself. When Imai’s father saw the great passion in his son, becoming a martial artist by showing his skills which he learned from the movie “Game of Death”, he usually trains at home before his father decided to take him to “Jeet Kun Do” Lee’s creation hybrid philosophy of his martial arts where Imai started his official martial art training.

At his training ground in Jeet Kun Do, he kept trying every single day to improve his martial art skills, he usually wakes up at 6 AM every morning and trains till 7:30 AM before preparing for school, this as never once distracted his education. After school hours, Imai goes back home straight and continues his training for an extra 2 hours. Surprisingly, Imai’s kicking and nunchaku skills developed rapidly.

Shortly after his father realized the perfection of his son’s skills, he determined to make a video while his son performs his nunchaku skills exactly the legend’s way “Bruce Lee”. Imai’s father made a video and uploaded it on the social media, the video went viral shortly after it’s was uploaded which brought him names including Bruce Lee Kid, and The World’s Strongest Kid.

Ryusei’s popularity increased through his uploaded videos and TV Shows. Following his success in 2016, he was invited to the international TV show, “The Little Big Shot” and again in 2017 where he showcased more of his skills. He said on the show that he wants to become something like his idol ‘Bruce Lee’ as he only does Bruce Lee all day long, he also appeared on Steve Harvey TV Show a few months after, he became ‘One Championship’ brand ambassador and was also invited and welcomed to the Singapore based martial arts organization in the United States.

He met with Johnson and Shinya Aoki, a Japanese mixed martial artist, professional wrestler, and grappler to do a campaign for “One Championship”.

Ryusei as also met with famous martial artist including Donnie Yen and Yuen Biao. His social media accounts are being handled by his father. Imai amassed 66.5K followers on his Instagram page, 9.1K likes on his Facebook page and 52.8K subscribers on YouTube.


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Net Worth

Over the years of Ryusei Imai martial arts Career, he has amassed great fortunes with massive earnings. As of the year 2020, the estimated Net worth of Imai is over $ 5 Million which is basically derived from his Social career.

Ryusei Imai will surely make more in years to come, hopefully, if he doesn’t get hooked from his profession.

Body Statistics

Body Build: Straight with 6 packs arbs

Height: 3 ft. 4 in

Weight: 31kg

Eye Color: Dark Brown

Hair Color: Black

Gender: Male

Ryusei Imai Pictures

Ryusei Imai Showing Off His Six Packs

Ryusei Imai With Donnie Yen

Ryusei Imai


Ryusei Imai


Ryusei Imai


Ryusei Imai

Ryusei Imai with Jackie Chan

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