Timothy Mowry

Timothy Mowry

Timothy Mowry Age, Net Worth, Twins, Wife & Family.

Timothy Mowry

Timothy Mowry is the U.S former member of arm forces and retired sergeant born on January 4, 1957 in Florida. He was one of the most dedicated military personnel of his time. Timothy Mowry is also a father of two wonderful and talented children, Tia and Tamara Mowry.

These twins are the great entertainers  that thrilled viewers’ hearts through their effective act in the entertainment industry series “Sister to Sister” when they were 15 years old. The same is applicable to his first born, Tahj.

Timothy Mowry Early Life, Background and Career.

Timothy Mowry was born and brought up in Miami, Florida, he was passionate for sports right from his early age. He started his primary education in Miami high school, Florida where he firstly met his lovely wife and mother of four children, Darlene Renee Mowry.

Tim is a white-man from a very rich family unlike his wife who is an Afro-Bahamian woman from a transparently rich family, they have three children Tahj, Tia and Tamara Mowry with Tahj being the first born.

As a sports lover, he used to partake in different kinds of sporting events such as college football, volleyball, race and others.

The lessons, discipline and morals he learnt from his parents made him develop interest in the Army. His Military Career began with selection on the country army team after he passed the physical screening and health tests awfully.

After a few years of serving his country, he was ranked to first sergeant (1SG) which is also called “father of the unit” whose duties is to head the administrative as well as leading the battalion. Also, the prosperity and development of Soldiers depends on him.

He moved to California after serving the United States for many years,  where he served as a detention officer for the City of Glendale Police Department. He is currently enjoying his retirement, while his three children have excelled in their acting careers.

Timothy Mowry’s Net Worth.

As a military man, Mowry has a net worth of $3 million, his sources of income is from yearly pension of $4,380 and other investments.

Timothy Mowry Height and Body Measurements.

The height of Timothy Mowry is 7m  6 inches  and weighs 151kg, he is a white-man with brown colored eyes.

Timothy Mowry Children & Family.

Timothy Mowry

After three years of his military services, Timothy Mowry engaged Darlene. They lived happily with blessed four children. Amongst these four kids are Tia and Tamara, two talented twins who were born on July 6, 1978 with Tamara 2 minutes older than Tia. At their early life, their parents relocated them to California where they pursued their entertainment career as these kids have passion for acting.

Their mother took charge of their beginning careers when they were in the assembly voices. Their first show was Sister-Sister, the identical performances of these kids have been displayed in different Television and films. Tia and Tamara had their own television channel known as “Tia & Tamara” broadcast on 8th August, 2011, till 22nd September, 2013.

Tia and Tamara have two brothers, Tahj (Mowry born on 17th May, 1986) and Tavior Mowry. Like her sisters, Tahj is an American actor who has been shown in TV series like Baby Daddy. Otherwise, Tavior, unlike his siblings, is not linked with any kind of entertainment. Just like his father, he showed much  interest in sports and he’s a good football player who plays College football at Davis University of California.

After 40 years of marriage, these amazing couples, Tim and Darlene break-up and they  go their separate ways. Though the causes of their divorce is yet unknown.

Timothy Mowry is also grandfather to three children, Aden, Ariah and Crew from Tia and Tamara. Just like their grandfather, these three kids are well disciplined and talented, as a child their career pathway is still unknown.

The Tim siblings described their family as a common identity and religious family. In one of Tamara’s interviews, she said she kept her virginity for a good 29 years, this is because she’s a born-again christian and a good follower of Christ since 8.

Mowry has decisively casted his military discipline on his family. Tamara claims that she will pass over her inherited discipline to her son Aden.

Tahj in an interview said that he taught him all hard work, persistence and how to be successful. “Seems like my Dad is an Ideal father.”

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Tia and Tamara, Timothy Mowry’s Twins

Tia’s husband

After a longtime relationship, Tia engaged with the love of her life, Cory Hardrict in 2008, they have two kids and both are living happy lives.

Tamara’s Husband

In 2011, Tamara also engaged to Adam Housley after many years of dating, despite the challenges they have been passing through, both were still living happily as they have two incredible kids  named Adam and Ariah.

Timothy Mowry became a grandfather as he grew older. Tamera and Tia became parents, and Cree, Aden, and Aria were born into their family. According to the twins, their religious character stems from their healthy upbringing.

Despite the fact that Darlane and Tim are of different races, that doesn’t prevent their children from being happy and loved them; they did not see their parents as two races. Tamera, on the other hand, got some backlash following her marriage to Arthur Adam Housley, a Fox News LA correspondent who is white; this was triggered by Tia’s decision to marry a black man, Cory Hardrict.

Facts about Timothy Mowry.

Timothy Mowry age

He’s the father of twins who are talented entertainers, this makes him more popular to the world as these amazing twins dominate everywhere across the universe.

He’s a great philanthropist and a military personnel who spent several years in Army services without being harmed.

He divorced Tia and Tamara’s mother after 40 years of marriage, and he’s married to another wife. Though we are yet to know the causes of their divorce, these two couples have been living peaceful until this time.

He is well-disciplined and doesn’t tolerate any kinds of corruption and bribery, this makes him a legend in America.

He is a religious person and brought up his family with wisdom and tranquility mind.

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