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Tom Holland



Tom Holland

Tom Holland Age, Net worth, Height, Awards And Movies.

So many individual examine the one in question imminent actor named Tom Holland. How he actually became a famous actor within a little while all around the world and who he really is in person. Are you among?

If yes, then follow me as we gain more knowledge about this certain celebrity Tom Holland.

Tom Holland

Who is Tom Holland?

Tom’s full name is Thomas Stanley Holland, a British rising star and English Actor, born on the the 1st of June 1996 in Kingston upon Thames, london. Tom was bestowed to the wonderful family of Holland Dominic, a author/ comedian, and also Nicola Elizabeth [frost], who is photographer. Tom was the first child in the family of Holland, followed by twin brothers Harry, Sam and Patrick.

Tom started his performance as an actor in BRIT School, starred in Billy Elliot the Musical movie 2010. Which made him showcase his talent for acting passionately.

Movies Featured In.

Tom began walking on his road to stardom at his early age of 12, being among the actors after eight auditions and 2 years of training, he firstly unveiled his potential after performing his dance skills with his school crew in Richmond Dance Festival 2006, Tom became an actor ln year 2008, playing the role of Michael in Billy The Musical.

Tom Holland

Tom Holland in year 2008

A short while after offering his voice as sho, the main character in a British Animated movie tagged Arrietty. Tom buzzed off in year 2012 after getting a role in the movie titled “The Impossible“. Making him a fast rising star. And On the 4th of October 2013, a new movie titled “How I live Now” followed in Uk,  starring Tom as Isaac with many other actors and actresses. In same year 2013,  he reflected in an additional movie bubbled Locke. in 2015, he showed up in “In The Heart Of The Sea“, following by “Spider Man” on the 23rd of june in selfsame year 2015, Tom got his high status after the promulgation of him taking over the role of Peter Parker in one of the highest grossing movies of 2016.

After the massive release of “Captain America: civil war”. Marvel Studios starred Tom Holland as the main character in “Spider-Man: Home Coming” 2017. And also On the 27th of April, Tom showed up in “Avengers: Infinity War”, giving out his best playacting patterns. Followed up by “Avengers: EndGame” and another successful release of “Spider Man: Far From Home” in July 2018.


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Net Worth.

Tom Holland kicked off his wealthy life after his exposure in Captain America: Civil war year 2016, he was paid $250,000 for his role as Spider-Man in the movie, earning more money in every movie he was featured in within year 2016/17. Tom Net worth increased by $1.5 Million in Spider-Man: Home coming, meanwhile he is the main Character in the movie. And for now, Tom as encountered a net worth of $4 Million and more.

Tom Holland’s Height.

As In 2019, Tom Holland’s Height is said to be 5 feet, 8 inches tall.



Over the years, Award nominations commenced for Tom Holland in year 2012. Tom became a nominee of Hollywood Film Awards and won the Spotlight Award. He also won Washington D.C. Area Film Critics Association Awards, followed by Phoenix Film Critics Society Awards and Nevada Film Critics Society as the Best Youth Performance in the Lead. Tom got and won the National Board of Review Awards and London Film Critics’ Circle Awards.

In 2013, he won the Empire Awards as the best Newcomer and  also the Young Artist Awards as the Leading Young Actor. As of 2016, he won the Golden Schmoes Awards and the Saturn Awards twice, followed by Teen Choice Awards twice.

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