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Among the rising star which would be seen in 2020 is the fast-rising American actor “Tom Taylor” who was best known for playing Tom Foster in the hit BBC TV series “Dr. Foster”, he has played great roles in movies and TV series including The Dark Towel, Doctor Foster and more.

Tom’s Biography, Age, Career, Net Worth, Parents, siblings, and girlfriend will be totally discussed in this particular article, so sit back and enjoy the moment.

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Who Is Tom Taylor?

Tom Taylor, The American Actor

Tom Taylor, whose full name is Thomas Joseph Taylor is a classical American actor who was born in Surrey, England, the United Kingdom on the 16th of July 2001, he was 19 years old as of July 16, 2020.

Tom was born in the lineage of the Tayor’s where he derived full support from his family most especially his mom and dad. His father, whose name is yet to be known has supported and presently supporting his child physically and financially alongside his mother, making him chase his dreams and achieving his goals.

In the family of the Taylor’s, Tom has two siblings of Harry Taylor [brother] and Erika Taylor [sister].

Regarding his educational life, Tom Taylor once attended The Secret Stage School in Camberley and later stopped attending in 2013. More information about Tom’s education hasn’t been publicized yet.


The American Singer and Actor

Speaking of Tom Taylor’s filming career, he appeared in the 2014 British medical drama series as Tristan Miles. Tom then landed hard with his career by earning an official role in the drama series “Doctor Foster” in 2015, cast as Tom Foster.

In the same 2015, Tom worked more towards fame by taking the role of Young Uhtred in The Last Kingdom, a British historical fiction television series, and also the role of Young Martin in the American crime drama television series tagged Legends. all these came after being called and told an audition is coming to the school by Rachel Bell, his formal teacher in The Secret Stage School in Camberley.

Tom Taylor unexpectedly came across a role opposite Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey in the Stephen king Big Screen adaptation but was less sure he would get the part of Jake Chambers in The Dark Towel movie, being that he has tried out so many times of getting a role in the movies of Stephen king Big Screen adaptation.

In an interview with the American actor, he said “I did 8 auditions, I got flown to LA to meet Idris Elba and the director. I kind of thought what the hell am I doing at that point. I heard they looked through a lot of different people at one point they were going to do a street casting in new york so the fact that I got the role was even more amazing”. Furthering his career, Tom got the role of Lance in The Kid Who Would Be King in the year 2019.

Tom Taylor has got big surprises coming up from his filming career to his fans in years to come, this will surely walk him up to stardom in a short of time.

Aside from acting, Tom Taylor is a songwriter and singer who started singing a few years ago.

Tom Taylor Net Worth.

Discussing his net worth over the years of his filming career, Tom has raked in an estimated net worth of $200 thousand to $500 thousand into his bank account. His earnings are mostly derived from his filming roles.

Tom’s net worth will surely increase in years to come if doesn’t relent in his film career.

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Tom Taylor’s Girlfriend.

Tom Taylor on his filming career

Presently, information about Tom’s romantic life hasn’t been revealed, he was spotted dating no one and we can say Tom is more focused on his career rather than involving himself in any form of relationship.

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