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Zerlina Maxwell Bio, Age, Wiki, Husband & Net Worth.

Zerlina Maxwell at Ms. Foundation for Women

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Have you ever been wondering who the American Author, Political Analyst, and commentator “Zerlina Maxwell” is? Where she is from, background, net worth, career, and family. How did she become a writer for The American Prospect, Washington Post, Black Enterprise, CNN, The Huffington Post, and more? All this information will be revealed here on this page.

Zerlina Maxwell Summary

Birth NameZerlina Maxwell
Birth Place Millburn, New Jersey, United States of America
Birth Date16 November, 1981
Parents Eugene Maxwell [father]
Yvette Maxwell [mother]
Siblings Rebekah Maxwel.
Education Millburn high school
Tufts University
Rutgers University
Profession Author, Political Analyst, commentator, speaker.

Who Is Zerlina Maxwell? Age, Background, Wiki, Family & Early Life.

The Political Analyst at her place of work

Zerlina is an American Author, Political Analyst, commentator, speaker, and cable television host who was born Zerlina Maxwell on the 16th of November 1981, she was born in Millburn, New Jersey, United States of America

Zerlina Maxwell Next Birthday

Zerlina was gifted to the family of the Maxwell’s, Her father “Eugene Maxwell” has a great influence over his daughters, he provided every single support Zerlina and her sibling sister needed with the ambition of making his kid’s dreams come true. Zerlina’s mother ‘Yvette Maxwell’ is also an incredible woman whose insight is compatible with that of her husband, Eugene Maxwell, Zerlina was inspired through her mother, she grew up in Millburn, New Jersey with her parents and her sister Rebekah Maxwell.

Regarding her educational life, she attended Millburn high school where she had to deal with racism due to the bullying she passed through while she was in school being one of two black students, she once spoke of her days in school when a student asked about ‘what a ni**er was’, and the teacher answered “a black person.” Which the teacher continually called Zerlina for the rest of the day in class. Passing through this made her so determined to become what she turned out to be today.

Furthering her education, she attended Tufts University which is situated in Massachusetts to study International Relations and Affairs, she later bagged the highest law degree, Juris Doctor from Rutgers University School of Law ten years after she graduated from college.

Presently, more information regarding her parents, siblings, background, and early life is yet unknown to the media, this will be updated here on Celeb Identity as soon as there is more information regarding her personal life.


The cable television host "Zerlina" at NBC News

Shortly after graduating from Rutgers University School of Law, she made a pursuit on her career in year 2008, working as a field organizer for the Obama presidential campaign, she later became a commentator, writing for The American Prospect, a daily online and quarterly print American political and public policy magazine, and also The Washington Post, Black Enterprise, CNN, The Huffington Post, as well as Jet out of others. She appears mostly and frequently on MSNBC, CNN, and Fox News.

Zerlina once consulted the United States Department of State to promote the use of social media by students in the West Bank, and she also stands as a frequent speaker in organizations, colleges, and universities to go against feminism, domestic violence, sexual assault, and more, this being one of her top priority was because she was sexually assaulted by a roommate’s boyfriend, the incident occurred in her dorm room when she was a college student. During the election season in the year 2012, Maxwell’s Twitter account was tagged “A Twitter Voice to Follow” on The New York Times, and in 2014 was also selected as one of Time’s best 140 Twitter feeds.

In the year 2015, Zerlina was one among the five journalists who were invited to travel on Air Force One with the former President of the United States, President Barrack Obama on his trip to Selma for the 50th anniversary of Bloody Sunday. During the 88th annual Academy Awards in the year 2016, she joined the American pop singer, songwriter, record producer, and actress popularly known as Lady Gaga on her nomination for the Best Original Song (Til It Happens to You) from The Hunting Ground movie. In the same year 2016, during the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign, she was the director of Progressive Media.

In the year 2017, Maxwell interviewed Hillary Clinton for a SiriusXM Progress Town Hall. Nonetheless, Zerlina became one of the members of the Biden Foundation’s Advisory Council for Ending Violence Against Women in the year 2018.

Presently, Zerlina Maxwell is a political analyst for MSNBC, she also directs Progressive Programming at SiriusXM, and also contributes to different magazines, she is more focused, determined, and bold when it comes to talking about domestic violence, sexual assault, race, victim-blaming, feminism, and gender inequality

Net Worth

 Zerlina Maxwell with sibling sister, Rebekah Maxwell

Over the years of Zerlina Maxwell’s career, the Political Analyst has earned much working with different platforms and organizations, she worked for MSNBC, CNN, Fox News, and more, nevertheless, Zerlina would have earned and invested much after working with different platforms and organizations.

As of the year 2020, the estimated net worth of Zerlina Maxwell is between $ 500,000 – $100,000,000. this will increase in years to come hopefully if she doesn’t get hooked from her career.

Who Is Puck To Zerlina Maxwell?

Regarding her romantic life, Zerlina is very strict about sharing her personal information with the media. Presently, we could say she is single, and even if she is in a relationship, this means she loves to keep her relationship status a secret.
Meanwhile, even though she was sexually assaulted once, people still care to know about her romantic life. However, Maxwell once tweeted in the year 2014 saying, “Dating the son of a chef is one of my better life choices.” and wondering who this son of a chef is, we found out it was Puck who happens to be a chef. On one of Zerlina’s tweet, she tagged him as her “Life partner”.

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